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BOHEMSCA - Real Czech lemonades, tonics and cola

Honest handicrafts and raw materials without compromise. For a smile on your face and for a better life.

As a child, you have a heart full of ideals, dreams and open possibilities. You feel the joy of being on this planet. Then circumstances and people will slowly but surely close your heart. You can't do this, and you can't do this yet. In short, you are slowly forgetting who you are and why you are here. Sometimes for a long time, sometimes for life. If you want to find yourself and hear your heart singing again, you have to realize the madness, maybe go crazy and jump into the unknown. It could not be resisted.

My leap into the unknown

This story is almost 35 years old. The year is 1983. I live in a small provincial town in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains. Mobile phones do not exist and borders are closed almost everywhere. Just boring. The only highlight is the summer vacation. That year a change came.


Then probably the best country where you could look and see something dreamy. Sea, sand, shops, Cyrillic inscriptions, Buffalo Bill T-shirts, but what impressed me the most were beer or lemonade cans. They were not in Czechoslovakia. They shone with all colors. The renegades were full of this colorful art. And the greatest happiness came when my parents bought me one such lime. Mandarin in a glass bottle, unfortunately not in a can. But everything was replaced by a color label, a noble shape and, of course, a logo. Just an experience that has crept in. For a long time.


When I returned home to reality, I slowly forgot about my experience. The routine was back, so it lasted until Friday, November 17, 1989. I was just in practice. The practice of industrial engineering was boring. The news that something was happening in Prague sounded much more interesting. Havel to the Castle! After a few weeks, freedom came and life began to change. I no longer just wanted to finish school and go sew somewhere, buy a cottage and survive. Suddenly, it was as if a door had opened. I graduated, packed my backpack and bought a ticket to Prague.

20 years to burn out

Corporations were looking for unspoiled builders. It was a beautiful time, sometimes too much. The work was successful, the chips did not count. From being held by my boss in a few years, I traveled the world and began living my corporate life. But nothing lasts forever. The materials stopped pleasing me, and in order to survive in the corporation, I had to do things that made my stomach clench. The brain was losing arguments. And the heart roared more and more. It was a beautiful summer 2015. Nobody was expecting to resign. I don't go back to childhood either. Colleagues are knocking on my forehead, so I prefer to isolate myself. I don't sleep and wake up, I've been preparing recipes, design for more than a year. Creation engulfs me, I taste and search for herbs and extracts indefinitely, I travel to bottling plants, I print. And do it! Track and slack. It is dark. I'm dying. Catharsis is coming and time seems not to be.

A new stage of life - Bohemsca

I cleanse and live. Plus, something's picking me up. That power doesn't come from me, I don't understand. Coincidences increase. Time heals and the first pallets are here. They look gorgeous and the brain says, "You don't give that dude, you never give that dude. You should have stayed warm, a steady salary, a car, and the insurance paid you. ”Hard to say. But in my heart I felt pure joy. I am fulfilling my childhood dream. Making natural lemonades. For the same guys and girls who have their dreams as I did. So hopefully you will taste it soon and set out on your journey with your heart. Thus began the story of Bohemsca's lemonades. Lime made by an awakened heart.

Holt, sometimes you just have to jump to find yourself again and hear your heart singing again.

“I toast to your desire to jump into life! Jump for your dream! ”Jirka

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