Matcha Tea

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Matcha Tea brings you BIO green matcha tea from Japan for a smile from ear to ear. Each portion is packaged separately so that oxidation of the tea does not occur and it retains its quality.

Kyosun's portfolio represents a modern and healthy lifestyle. We focus on popularizing lesser-known products and / or innovative processing or offering traditional products. Kyosun is a leading supplier of products under the Matcha Tea brand.

Matcha is 100% green tea

The dried flesh of the youngest tea leaves is ground to a fine powder. There is no fermentation in the production of matcha, no dyes, additives or preservatives are added. All tea comes from the same plant, Thea (formerly Camellia) sinensis, which is related to camellia. It is a woody shrub, usually maintained at a height suitable for harvest (approximately 1 meter). The plant can produce white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh tea depending on the region, specific variety and method of processing.