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Masala Chai concentrate from Minor Figures. Conventional chai powders and syrups contain between 60% and 80% sugar, with a low content of synthetic spices and milk extracts. We therefore choose high-quality teas and spices, which we then brew all day to extract the deep and distinctive flavors of Masala Chai. And like the rest of the line, our Chai is completely vegan and contains no added sugar!

Quantity in box: 6 x 1 Litre

Ideal parcel logistics: 6 x 4 Litre = 24 Litre

Detailed information

Product detailed description


Masala Chai concentrate without added sugar.


  • The production is in East London using the best loose leaf teas and whole spices
  • It does not contain any added sugar
  • Universal: hot and cold can be served
  • Easy pouring

Other useful information?

  • Mix ratio 1: 4 (new packaging), 1: 3 (old packaging)
  • 20 servings in a package
  • 18 months shelf life

Store in the refrigerator after opening for up to 30 days

Additional parameters

Category: Minor Figures
Weight: 1.057 kg
Volume: 1,0 l
Pcs in box: 6 pcs
UK pallet: 160 crt / 960 pcs
The item has been sold out…