Rebel Kitchen Bytes | Chocolate coconute BIO 26g

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Coconut, crunchy and uncompromising, our bite-sized Bytes are made with just a few simple, minimally processed ingredients and are a plant-based, organic alternative that's better for you and the planet. Our Chocolate Bytes are perfect for chocolate lovers.

Key properties:

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • rich in fiber and iodine
  • organic

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Rebel Kitchen Bytes | Chocolate coconute BIO 26g

Start snacking sustainably with a bag of gluten-free chocolate coconut chips from Rebel Kitchen. Deliciously coconutty and crunchy, with a deliciously rich, chocolatey touch, these morsels are made with natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Absolutely no artificial ingredients.

Additional parameters

Category: Rebel Kitchen
Weight: 0.03 kg
Volume:: 26 g
Pcs in package: 10 pcs
Certification: Vegan, Organic, Bcorp,
Packaging:: Metallized OPP film