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VIGO is a herbal drink based on kombucha - a Japanese mushroom that has been used in natural medicine for more than a thousand years. In the portfolio, you will find both short brew, long brew and shot variants.

Authentic healthy kombucha drink with natural ingredients. It arouses, strengthens, supplies energy and vitality, thanks to its properties it is the elixir of life.

We were a little tired of regular soft drinks loaded with sugar and gasoline. Really. We wanted to create something that would refresh and give you something more. Much more.

So we created VIGO Kombucha, a herbal kombucha drink for health, which provides both refreshing and health benefits. Not anymore and less. We want to go back to the roots straight to the natural and old school way of making naturally brewed drinks. How our grandparents remember.

VIGO Kombucha is a natural antioxidant, helps the metabolism, immune system and has a detoxifying effect. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to all artificial or highly sweetened carbonated beverages.

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