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Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free! Snacks of the Other Foods brand are a revolutionary discovery in the field of salty snacks that will satisfy any hunger or taste without remorse - they have less than 100 calories per serving. In addition, they are free of artificial colors and preservatives and made from healthy ingredients. Thanks to gentle processing, these snacks have also preserved many nutrients. Welcome to the world of Other Foods snacks.

Fan Yang, the founder of Other Foods, is a fanatical mushroom eater and has long thought that all the regular packaged chips available are pretty boring. After some fun experiments in the kitchen and a few trips to Asia, she discovered that turning a mushroom hat into something crunchy isn't all that impossible. The Other Foods mushroom range was officially launched in London in 2019 and will be available in over 500 stores in Europe in just one year.

Other Foods mushroom snacks have all the flavor and texture of natural slow-roasted mushrooms. Few consumers can resist the earthy umami taste of mushrooms, combined with just a pinch of Himalayan salt, which enhances the organoleptic experience. Other Foods Snacks are a truly delicious treat with the benefits of natural flavor and crunchy delight, but without the guilt - they're under 100 calories per serving!

It's a combination of science and gourmet adventure! The selected mushrooms and okra are first vacuum-dried, then placed in a vacuum chamber to be gently fried at a relatively low temperature (around 60°C). The goal of Other Foods is a symphony of crunchiness! Then comes vegan maltose to enhance the natural sweetness of the vegetables, and is then seasoned with a pinch of Himalayan salt for perfection.

They contain no artificial colors, additives or preservatives - they are good enough to eat whenever you feel like it. Other Foods superfood chips have preserved nutrients, fiber and vitamins thanks to vacuum frying. They are also a source of minerals and naturally vegan, gluten free + lower in fat than regular chips!

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Other Foods has officially partnered with leading charity Cool Earth, supporting its work with rainforest communities in the Amazon and other tropical regions to stop deforestation and its role in climate change. Of all the projects, Other Foods chose the heart of the rainforest: Ashaninka. They believe that by strengthening the Ashaninka, we can protect millions of acres of the Amazon rainforest.

We are all nature lovers and want to live a sustainable life for ourselves and our children. Let's end destructive deforestation together. As consumers, we have the power to change the world. Are you going with us?