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Pamban | Premium blends for Chai and latte drinks | Green heads

Discover Pamban's specialty of 100% natural powder blends for quick and easy chai and latte preparation. The aromatic flavors of Southeast Asia will perfume your entire business and enchant your customers. Immerse yourself in the smell and taste of Pamban, which will warm you like the most pleasant blanket. Plus, they can be used in endless ways!

Say chai! In addition to freshly brewed homemade chai, you can mix it with unusual flavors and conjure up something original. Pamban is ideal for making lattes, teas, combining with ice cream, desserts... There are no limits to your imagination. You can also use their other products, such as the medicinal Ayurvedic golden milk.

The name Pamban represents the roots of the founders Arun and Mahula - it is inspired by an island with strong British ties, located between India and Sri Lanka.

It all started when Aruna went to visit his friend Mayhul's house and tasted real traditional chai at his place. Realizing the crazy fact that proper chai cannot be found in any coffee shop, the idea was born. To start a business and share their heritage from Sri Lanka and India with other people.

In 2017, the Pamban chai & coffee project was born and the first cafe was opened in Camden Market in London. In their first year of operation, they've racked up several awards ("Most Beloved Local Cafe in Camden" and "Most Beloved Local Brunch Spot in Camden") for their hand-brewed chai, specialty coffees and brunches. Subsequently, a second cafe was opened and thanks to their rapid growth and demand from other cafes, the wholesale trade of chai blends was born. Pamban now supplies leading cafes and restaurants throughout the UK and abroad.

If you also want to serve real chai to your costumers, do not hesitate to explore our offer.