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JAX COCO - Coconut water

Coconut water in a can for all fans of healthy drinks. Ideal for catering, retail or sports and wellness centres. Green Heads 

When co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Jane Gottschalk, couldn't find packaged coconut water in Hong Kong, four coconut water devotees, each with the letters J, A or X in their name, took matters into their own hands. Seeing a gap in the market for a premium, stylish brand of coconut water, Jax Coco launched in Hong Kong and London in 2012 uniting the best coconuts with chic, minimalist design. Continuing their commitment to pure coconut goodness, in 2021 Jax Coco proudly launched their new premium coconut milk range which is a blend of coconut cream combined with their signature coconut water.

At Jax Coco we are committed to caring for our planet. That is why we offer plastic free packaging that is 100% recyclable. Our minimalistic glass bottle design, inspired by a sake bottle, is 100% recyclable. Don't compromise on style, taste or the environment.