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BEAVIA - fermented foods and kimchi

If you are looking for excellent premium fermented foods, the BEAVIA brand is just for you. Try Beavia brand products that were manufactured in the Czech Republic and that have won the hearts of many customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Presentation of the company by the founder Štěpán Hodač:

With enthusiasm, in 2011 I set out to fulfill my own dream. And it started with (proper!) hummus. After several visits to the Middle East and tasting typical dishes, I fell under the spell of Israeli traditions. The idea of I love Hummus started to appear in my head. The project matured thanks to internships in Israeli restaurants. A few months later, I founded a small family business in the Czech Republic. After a short time, only my 84-year-old grandmother, who had been watching over the chickpeas from the beginning, was no longer enough for the pots of chickpeas. The team began to expand, as did the product offering.

In 2017, I also included Kimchi among my products - a fermented salad made from Chinese cabbage, which is at the top of the list of the healthiest foods. It worked! Moving to a new factory, new flavors, growing team, export to neighboring countries, arrival of son Josífek.

For the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company, I decided to change the brand from I love Hummus to Beavia (from Latin: "Happy path"), which better describes the future direction of the company, the development of our products and my "happy path".