Sofee and the gang

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Sofee is a premium coffee in a bottle. You can drink it just like that or mix it with hot or cold water. You can also prepare it with milk or whatever you like. It is made from selected coffee roasted according to our baristas. The ground coffee is then macerated and subjected to multiple filtrations, thanks to which it maintains a constant quality. Sofee is unique in its simplicity - you don't need any devices and you can easily take it on a trip, for example.

Sofee is sophisticated coffee that can be easily prepared by anyone anywhere. It is made from specialty coffee, it is cold-brewed and goes through several phases of filtration before being poured into plastic bottles. Caffeine lovers then dilute it with water or other beverages in a 1:3 ratio. Sofee is also our poster girl. First we came up with a name for her, and then we gave birth to this combination of Siri, a comic book heroine, and Léa Seydoux (No, Winona Ryder! No, Chloë Sevigny! No, Saoirse Ronan! The discussion was long.). A nice, bold, independent city girl. Martin Lacko drew the picture of her. Vendula Knopová took photos. Just wait for the gang.