Thomas Henry

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Prémiové toniky Thomas Henry pro bary, restaurace a bistra. Ideální na espresso martiny a nebo gin s tonikem. 

In 1773, for the first time in history, Thomas Henry successfully enriched water with carbon dioxide. Officially, soda was invented! Thomas Henry was a pharmacist, visionary and gentleman. And that's why his name is perfect for a perfect collection of lemonades and tonics of the highest quality.

Thomas Henry Tonic Water is so good thanks to its high quinine content and delicate floral citrus aroma. The bitterness of cinchony peel is perfectly balanced by the fruity and sweet aroma of citrus fruits. Thomas Henry Tonic Water is a refreshing taste experience and blends perfectly with every gin.

A classic thanks to its balance, delicate scent and perfect excitement. The mild but powerful figure hides its secret: tonic water was first invented as a cure for malaria in tropical colonies. Today, Thomas Henry Tonic Water is at home in the best bars in the world, not only refining Gin & Tonics, but also many other classic drinks.

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