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FUEL10K | Granola | Green Heads

FUEL10K makes "fuel" for busy people. Their breakfast range is full of amazing products such as granola, which has no competition.

At FUEL10K, as popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his 10 thousand hour (10K) theory, they put continuous self-improvement at the top of their agenda. They are proud of their products, but they know they can always be better. Since launch they have been constantly looking to improve their products without compromising on taste. They are also committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

"The 10,000 hour rule, popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, roughly says that if you practice a skill for 10,000 hours, you have a good chance of becoming an expert at it."

Continual being throughout their development is reducing the use of sugar in their products. They are also looking for ways to use less plastic and source more packaging and ingredients from the most sustainable sources available to us. They work hard to reduce carbon emissions and also offset where possible. Their commitment is to continuous improvement.

Since B CORP certification in March 2021, they promise to strive for the highest possible standards, transparency and accountability for verified social and environmental behavior. In everything they do, they balance purpose, quality and pride above mere profit.