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Another superstar on the counter of baristas and the best cafes in the Czech Republic and abroad. If you say a quality alternative, suitable for whipping and coffee, you will be the first to think of Rebel Kitchen organic Barista drink. Now you can find it in the Green Heads wholesale portfolio.

When was the last time you asked why?
Not because you didn’t quite get it or didn’t really agree, but because you really wanted to question something. Why do we eat what we eat? Why don’t we know where our food comes from? Why are there so many choices, but no simple option? Why did we stop questioning why?

We decided that we needed to start asking why more often, born out of a need to challenge the status quo.
That’s why we question to improve the wellbeing of people and planet. And more importantly, to do something about it. We are committed to knowing all there is to know about our products and sharing everything we know with you: we don’t want to eat plastic or pesticides, and neither do you. Radical honesty is the only way.

So, why do we do what we do?
We’re here to create healthy alternatives that taste mind-blowingly good. We question received wisdom and demand that we all rethink our unsustainable approach to health, nutrition, consumptions, agriculture and manufacturing. That way, we’re connecting people and planet in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Now is the time to embrace individuality with a renewed awareness of consequence. Remember you have a choice. There is always an alternative.